Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A unique, life-changing business

Come on board and help change lives!

(Available to South Africans only – at home or abroad)

Charities everywhere need money – and plenty of it. Now you can help generate huge amounts of money for South African charities (and specifically a charity or NPO of your choice) while at the same time creating an income for yourself in your own time.

Whatever you do, don't conjure up mental images of shaking tins at supermarket entrances, selling raffle tickets or having to spend hours on the phone telesales style to beg for a few morsels from reluctant would-be corporate and other donors. The project I want to tell you about does not involve fundraising in any traditional sense of the word.

Devised and administered by U-Care (http://www.u-care.co.za), a well-established Pietermaritzburg-based company now operating countrywide, this plan for getting money to charities is novel, ingenious and highly effective. Combining the generating of funds for charities with a sound business opportunity, U-Care has, in six years, been able to increase its funding to charities dramatically from a modest first donation of R1 500 to the Pietermaritzburg Community Chest in its first month (April 2005). [*Note added on 11 June 2011: The total by the end of May 2011 stood at R15 551 739. One of the inferences to be drawn from this is that U-Care has proven its credibility, integrity and effectiveness in helping others. Now we are looking for leaders and serious business builders who will catch the vision and help us take the company forward. We are not desperate to "recruit" all and sundry, anyone who just wants to "give it a try" (even though we will certainly also welcome anyone who does simply want to give it a go – they may just like the business so much that they step up their efforts and become key co-builders in the project!). We have an important and urgent task to do – we know what we're about and are inviting people to join us in working towards our goals and adding further significance to their own lives.]

We want to reach R1 million a month as soon as we can, and for that we need many more people to come on board.

So I'm looking for some adventurous, enthusiastic, far-sighted, hardworking people to hook up with me and other like-minded people in this incredible "Business of caring". Becoming a part of U-Care is a wonderful way for you to help make a significant difference to the lives of many thousands of needy people as well as to your own life.

Contact me now at nicky@nickygrieshaber.co.za so that we can arrange for you to get the necessary details about the business by attending a presentation in your area if one is available, or meeting with me personally; or we may need to make a different arrangement if neither of these options is practical. I look forward to hearing from you!

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